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About Us

2 Small Biz Guys - wit and wisdom-filled talk radio show about small business challenges and opportunities. We feature book reviews, local & national businesses and discussions about growing business today.

On-demand: https://starworldwidenetworks.com/shows/2-small...

We've got a great recommendation for startups - http://bethedream.biz/your-biz-plan

How We Got Started

Ray enlisted Zen for his digital skills initially, helping to manage the marketing for PRO, President's Resource Organization, a Peer Advisory Group-focused endeavor Ray began in 1993. A natural banter developed that they thought might work well for radio... and it did. Listen in for more!

Our Ideal Customer

Business owners that understand on-demand listening and want to take advantage of evergreen content, letting their message attract new clients/customers now and over time.

Our Team
Zen & Ray Advisorologists from 2 Small Biz Guys
Zen & Ray Advisorologists
Products & Services

Your Own Show - Evergreen Content

Our customized format allows the perfect view to feature and benefit your company in order to educate the market and help grow your customer and/or vendor base. Your copy can be re-purposed, too, as segments or in its entirety. Your show also garners cumulative clicks, continually growing your...
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Past Events & Promotions
We'll be discussing the ins and outs of LinkedIn for small business development. We'll include profiles, summary, company pages, work products, search features and more.

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