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Maintenance, cleaning, home improvement, caregiver, on demand recruiters and human resource firms.

About Us

I’ve Been Vetted (IBV) provides TRUST ON THE GO by providing Superior Comfort to your Clients. Stay ahead of the competition by affording the highest level of safety available for your customers through our six month post employment renewable background checks for your employees, contractors and vendors. Save costs in hiring and in training new employees. Mitigate defense costs when employees or contractors commit crimes that can tarnish your hard earned reputation. With IBV, you can show that your company has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of your customers. Due diligence does not end at the initial background check. Any employee, contractor or vendor that is associated with your company can become a public relations nightmare and damage your company’s reputation. Our patent pending renewable background checks provide a leading industry solution to:

1. Help you to differentiate your product

2. Monitor the actions of your employees, contractors and vendors

3. Motivate your employees, contractors and vendors to control their conduct

3. Promote the utmost level of safety to your clients

4. Increase sales and retain customers

Our clients can utilize the IBV logo on their employee profiles for those employees who continually pass the background checks. The IBV logo alerts your customers that their safety is a priority.

In addition, each client receives their own secured portal to access the status of their employees last background check.

There is no better time than now to increase your sales through consumer confidence, mitigate risks and stay ahead of the competition.

How We Got Started

To reduce company costs for hiring, monitoring and litigation resulting from negligent hiring. Unlike other background checks our services monitor employees and contractors during the course of their employment or task assignment.

Auto-Renewable Post Employment Background Checks

As noted on NPR, our secured dashboard provides employers a means to monitor the activities of their employees, independent contractors and vendors in order to: mitigate negligent hiring risks, reduce hiring and training costs, protect your company's reputation and to differentiate your company...
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Jo Lynn Clemens from I've Been Vetted
Jo Lynn Clemens
Jo Lynn Clemens, CEO
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Shaun Neal
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Gary Elias
Chief User Experience Officer
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Scott Kelly
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