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About Us

New Business Funders provides access to funding for start up and existing businesses alike. Our Financial Products include:

1. Unsecured Business Credit Lines -up to $500,000

2. Equipment Finance- Up to $5M

3. Retirement Rollovers-Self Directed IRAs

4. SBA Loans- Up to $5M

5. Cash Advances & Debt Consolidation-Up to $1M

6. 144A Bond Program Reg. S Program-Up to $500M

7. Zero Percent Interest Business Credit Cards-Up to $250K

8. Hard Money Real Estate & Construction Loans- Up

9. Building Materials-Glass, Flooring, Roofing, Wood, etc.

10. Purchase Order Finance & Accounts Receivable Finance

In addition, we do from time to time help companies obtain equity with our vast investor relationships. We really need to like the project a lot. However, if it is an exciting opportunity that resonates, we will explore it.

We enjoy solving problems, creating solutions and being the catalyst to paving the way to success for our clients.

How We Got Started

I had an epiphany that 7M people start a business each year in America and virtually no one is helping them with funding! Less that 1% of these folks get any help from a bank. That leaves a void of 6M plus customers that need capital. I love working with entrepreneurs and it motivates me to be the go to guy for challenging . I am good at understanding very quickly how to get small businesses capital.

Realizing that 80% or more small businesses go out of business within 5 years, largely due to lack of capital, I felt I could make the biggest difference and develop lasting business relationships in this specific and very timely "niche" in finance industry. Finally, my core strength is in gorilla marketing, particularly publicity and online marketing. I knew that if I could identify hard to find solutions for these entrepreneurs, that we could be a roaring success blending together all that I love about business-Marketing & Finance. Thus New Business Funders was born.

Our Ideal Customer

A Small Business Owner within his or her first two years in business who needs $500,00K or more in capital to grow, expand, acquire, consolidate, franchise, go public or buy equipment.

Our Team
Troy Bohlke from New Business Funders
Troy Bohlke
Founder & CEO
Products & Services

Revolving Unsecured Business Credit Lines-up to $500,000 and more -Start Ups and young Enterprises

Unlike traditional banks and hard money lenders, New Business Funders provides access to loans that do not require collateral, Equity, Business Plans or attachments to your bank account. Our Revolving Unsecured Business Credit Lines are reasonable interest rates based upon you personal FICO score...
Businesses We Recommend
She has made a business of helping people with their most delicate and vastly unknown universe of our inner balance physically, Chemically, Cellularly. A Big task indeed and commendable. Thank you!
He gets the job done. He does what he says he is going to do. He communicates along the way and picks up his phone when I call. In short, we Love him for his professionalism. Troy Bohlke New Business Funders/10 Day Media
This gentleman here id the most well versed person I have met in the life insurance world. In addition to his vast sea of knowledge in his given specific trade which requires a very difficult licensing standard as well as ongoing craft of taking incremental testing to maintain. Licensing and testing to maintain that precious license as well as comply with personal lifestyle. This is why I recommend Reid. He keeps his word, he is diplomatic and holds himself as the professional he is. I am already buying something from his brain pool and connections that that is propagating into a national contract. Reid -Thank you!
Have had 5 years of doing business with this gentleman and have experienced a variety of industries. Co Invested and worked together and still do today. I have never experienced a higher level of integrity and work ethic. This recommendation could never fully describe the depth of gratitude I have for knowing this gentleman and his family.
I like this business for one simple reason. Performance Based. Rarely do you see a company in marketing who operates this way unless they are extremely confident. Then to include Performance Based Marketing in your name- Your Identity? How could you not like a name like that? Its impressive!
This gent takes pride in his work. Its quite obvious that this is true once you see his work. Not only is he "Tier ONE"but he he also has the entrpreneurial-Guerilla Marketing philosophy as to not be radically expensive. He's not afraid to take on new challenges and he is someone you can take in front of clients . They will be impressed with his confident yet soothing demeanor. If you need Marketing, Writing , Social Media or anything that requires professional outbound communication of the written word. this is your guy right here. Troy Bohlke 10 Day Media
A Smart Sassy and Fun Group- Having Fun & Being Serious all at the sametime. event Holders, Connectors and making impact. My hat goes off to you. Go to: 10daymedia.com We are going connect you gals with a dynamite opportunity to raise awareness of your organization and its mission.. Troy
The name is perfect. Simply perfect. Just love it when the company name describes what you do. Makes you want to call and find out more. Which I do!
These folks take the time to educate their customers,protect their customer with the Armour of knowledge. Keeping them compliant and saving them thousands in fees and penalty's. I just think this is a classy way of building a business. My hat goes off to them and booking our education-based seminar together in mid June.
The top talent in his industry. I feel blessed to have Jesse in our corner. He has the Platinum voice that literally transforms recorded words into professionalism. Jesse is the voice of our brand. From our Voice Mail to our Animated Videos. He makes it easy for you as long as you know what you want to say. I highly recommend him for you if you are looking to obtain that extra level of professionalism or getting that national feel when customers call.
Past Events & Promotions
A gathering of business people with high level connections to the Finance, Mortgage, Direct Response Marketing, and Search Marketing will take place on January 19th, 2017 at New Business Funders office at 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite B-125, Scottsdale, AZ. 85258. The objective is to...

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