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You - in person, online or over the phone. I feel my thin books are the next business card because they are affordable to make and reprint (especially if you go through me). They tell your potential client or your current clients the why of investing in you and your company. If it's for family legacy and personal creativity you can't go wrong in these areas either.

About Us

I love writing and turning peoples' stories into books. It's an easy process. People choose a thirty to forty-five minute recorded interview style, or they give me their writing, and I turn either choice into a beautiful 6"x9" softbound book. The goal is to have thin books drawing people into your business and/or personal stories. #yourthinbooksrock #writeheartmemories www.bethlord.com

How We Got Started

I had a life-long passion for writing and devoted my time to developing the concept of turning peoples' personal and business stories into 50-page softbound books when corporate pushed me off their ladder. My last child was in college, and I knew I could do what I loved and thrive in being me.

Businesses We Recommend
Well, I don't recommend her at all. She hasn't dealt w her shadow side so how can she help someone when she's not in touch w that part of her? I know because we had been connected to each other thru Nicola Bird. I'm an Occupational Therapist and a sales rep but now I write people's stories in a thin. Easy-to-read book. It IS transformational when people tell their stories. I put out my 1st newsletter last January and by mistake duplicated sending the newsletter out 30x's. Horrors. About 20 people emailed me w concerns for me, most 8500 people ignored me except for 2. She was one of the 2 and the words that came out of her mouth were awful. Of course she wanted unsubscription and I did so. I was traumatized and gave this job to my website designer so he could do it correctly. Would I recommend her? Well I don't know her as a healer but as a human being who can forgive mistakes in technology? Not on your life. Kindness and love go far in helping us grow and change. And I do send her that possibility to change.
Suryo teaches, heals and empowers you to know you. She helps you your blocks, outmoded perceptions and removes them in a joyful way. She is patient, kind and tireless in you knowing you. She allows you to accept the power in you with all the wonderful therapeutic and healing possibilities at her fingertips and in her balance. A must to try a visit w her if you are stressed, dis-eased ridden and your life isn't working in an effortless, graceful way.
Because Adrienne puts the personal touch into finding where your loved one needs to go when they can't care for themselves. This is her calling. She does it the way you'd like anyone to care for you or your loved one.
I think it's worth your time to have a talk with Casey about your Construction Project and what he can do for you.
I know Rich thru weekly business meetings, and I see his care, concern, and details to his business. He's always busy, but just in case he isn't, he's a gem of a construction company who stands behind their word, work and enhances any construction projects.
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