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Most any business that needs assistance with their internet marketing.

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Bellrock Internet helps businesses increase sales and acquire new customers with web design, SEO, and internet advertising. Maybe you need a new Web Design which is mobile friendly since more customers access the web on mobile phones than any other way. Maybe you just need to your website to be found more ofter when a potential customer is looking for what you have to offer. Maybe you want to try some online advertising which could be more effective than local traditional advertising methods.

I can offer suggestions and assistance with many of these internet marketing methods to help a business.

Give me a call at: 928-451-8556

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I enjoy helping businesses overcome the challenges they have in making their internet marketing a better asset for their business.

Internet Marketing

Helping businesses acquire new customers through web design, SEO, and online advertising.

Weekly Podcast of Things Happening in Sedona

I have a weekly podcast which I mention things happening in Sedona area. If you have some special happening in your business you might want me to mention it on the podcast. Take a look at TownTalkSedona.com There is a form on the page where you submit information or you can call the phone number...

Listen and Prosper Podcast

I am publishing another podcast. This one gives a daily (Mon-Fri) marketing tip. It is called Listen and Prosper. It is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and Google Play, or you can just go to my website at http://Bellrock.net and listen to the latest one on the home page. I make these...
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Brad Curtis answered Do You Feel Headshots Are a Great Marketing Tool for Your...
3 months ago • 3 Likes
I have always believed business is somewhat personal whether working a small business or working in a big business. A headshot on your about me page, a headshot on your business card etc, offers a... (more)
Brad Curtis answered What's the Number One Thing That Frustrates You About...
2 months ago • 2 Likes • 1 Reply
Whether you do the marketing yourself or whether you have someone do the work for you, if it is your business and you are the one doing it. The buck starts and stops with you. Although, I think it... (more)
Brad Curtis answered Does Anyone Have Ideas For How To Increase The Customer...
2 months ago • 1 Like
Wow, I am amazed at the great ideas here. Makes me think I should start a Pet Sitting Business. Someone mentioned a groomer, which made me think it might be worth trying to set up some sort of... (more)
Brad Curtis answered What Is the Best Way to Market for Business Services?
4 months ago • 1 Like
First I would recommend developing a better understanding of you and your business. Here is a list of questions to go through and note down your answers: 1. What is your business model ? ( B2B,... (more)
Brad Curtis answered Best Way For Small Business To Get Their Name Out There?
5 months ago • 1 Like
I agree with many of the suggestions here and would add another. Make sure you have a verified Google My Business listing and then do optimization work on it show up on Page1 for Google searches... (more)
Brad Curtis answered Is Facebook Advertising Cost Effective for Service...
2 months ago
Cost effective as opposed to print advertising ? If you do not target the type of customer you want then it is kind of similar to newspaper print ads because it is just thrown out there for... (more)
Brad Curtis answered How Do You Advertise Your Book Store for Free?
3 months ago
Your Google-My-Business listing is FREE - make the most of it. Verify it and then optimize it. After verification, you can edit it, so complete your profile. Then make weekly posts. Then get your... (more)
Brad Curtis answered Business Services, How Can I Get Referrals From Another...
3 months ago
How about a simple thank you card to those businesses that you have helped. Then on the card ask them to to give you a review on your Google Maps listing and include simple instructions on how to... (more)
Brad Curtis answered How Do I Get Visitors To My Coffee Website to Actually...
3 months ago
Hi Cynthia, First understand why someone would want to buy your coffee vs some other coffee. What makes your coffee different in fulfilling the needs of your coffee drinking customers. Here are... (more)
Brad Curtis answered How Can I Get My Business To Rank In The Top 3 Google...
5 months ago
Hi James, It seems that are a lot of questions to answer to know how to proceed. Do you have a Google My Business listing and is it verified ? I assume yes. Then how much optimization work has... (more)
Brad Curtis asked How Does Your Business Serve And Products Help Your...
5 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
When you focus on how you are helping your customers then you are focused on what your customers really want. (more)
Brad Curtis answered Does Anyone Know If PPC Advertising On Google Works For A...
5 months ago • 1 Reply
Pay Per Click (PPC) offers effective advertising. It is more effective than many other types of mass advertising, and it offers measurements not available in other forms of advertising. If you... (more)
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