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Many agents and publishers now recommend that an author hire an editor before submitting a manuscript or before accepting the author as a client. Having spent 3 decades in publishing houses in New York City, I know what agents and publishers look for in a manuscript; I will make an extensive, detailed analysis of your work and work with you until you feel your manuscript is the best it can be. www.patrickjlobrutto.com

Don Maass, President, Donald Maass Literary Agency:

"Authors looking for help will not find a more sensitive and experienced editor than Pat LoBrutto. He is one of the very best."

Brian Herbert, New York Times Bestselling Author:


"Pat is an artist himself, a talented writer and editor, a Renaissance man who drops bits of history, opera, philosophy, religion, and politics into his conversations -- the perfect editor for a "Dune" book, with all of its twists, turns, and depth. It's hard to know where to stop saying good things about Pat, because I could write a trilogy of books about him. He is one of a kind, an editor extraordinaire."

Kevin Anderson, New York Times bestselling Author:


"Pat LoBrutto has been perceptive and intelligent in working through my manuscripts. He goes over a book both as an editor and as a real reader, and his ideas have been the springboards for major improvements. Best of all, he really cares about the projects he takes on, becomes a hardcore advocate for the books throughout the tangled publishing world."

Tom Doherty, President and Publisher Tor/Forge:

"Pat LoBrutto is a fine editor and a great advocate for his authors."

Jim Duffy, Author:

"Before I met Pat I was scratching my head trying to make sense of the wide range of conflicting comments from contest judges, editors, and seminar leaders. But Pat had an eye for my genre (historical adventure) and it suddenly all made sense. His input and attention to detail was invaluable. If you want a better manuscript, Pat's the man."

Scott Miller, Literary Agent, Trident Media Group:

"I would heartily recommend Pat LoBrutto and his services. His editing skills and publishing skills are top notch and he is a true author’s advocate."

Selden Edwards, Author

"Pat LoBrutto is everything you could want in a free-lance editor: he is sharp, experienced, a joy to converse with, and well connected to the publishing world. We worked for a year on my much-rejected novel FIN DE SIÈCLE, and his steady guidance was invaluable in getting it to be, as he says, “the best it could be.” At the end of our work together, he introduced it to the literary-agent world, and it was gobbled up and then sold to a major house ( Dutton ’08). Pat’s expertise was the essential catalyst, no question."

Paul Deepan, Author

"Working with Pat LoBrutto was perhaps the smartest thing I did as a prospective author.

Pat encouraged me by letting me know when he thought I was doing things right. You need that when you are insecurely starting out, wondering who will ever read you, and if they will like what you wrote.

Pat challenged me too, when he thought I wasn’t doing things right. You need that as well, and not only when you are just starting out. But he respected me enough to always, always, give me ownership of my work, and my voice. Pat is a great editor with priceless experience and insight to offer any writer, and he is owed much credit for the critical success my novel has enjoyed*. He is also a true author’s advocate, who will recommend your work to other professionals when, and only when, it is truly ready."

~ Paul Deepan, Author, The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree* (*Editor’s Choice Award, San Diego State University Writers’ Conference; *Finalist, ForeWord Reviews’ 2010 Book of the Year Award, Fantasy Category)

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