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About Us

Brushworks Painting provides professional residential or commercial interior and exterior painting services in Sioux Falls, SD.w We strive to provide the best quality painting services at a reasonable price for all of our customers.

Our Ideal Customer

We really don't cater to just one type of customer. We are pretty well rounded and a as a company and service multiple facets from the average Joe to multi-million dollar projects for large commercial companies. Being able to service this wide variety of clients with our experience has helped us through the spotty financial periods and while others were hurt by the recession we really were unaffected because we have a large us to merge base, but specifically we like the commercial repaints for multiple reasons. Personal interaction with our customers, lowers the overhead of our services , and we don't have to move around a lot so we can keep up the property and still do what we do best paint.

Our Team
Chris Buseman from Brushworks Painting
Chris Buseman
Products & Services

Residential painting

Painting of interior and exterior of residential properties. We can do pretty much the whole enchilada short including some very specialized services including custom cabinet refinishing, painting and staining of walls and trim, exterior painting and staining exterior projects, epoxy finishes,...
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Our newest addition to Brushworks Clientelle gpac. A commercial project were starting out next to cj callaways off 69th st.
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