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I see patients of all ages especially women with hormonal imbalances including thyroid, adrenal, and menopause. I treat chronic conditions like fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, headaches and Lyme disease plus autoimmune conditions and pain.

About Us

Integrative Medicine family practice. As a Physician Assistant I use modern medicine to help make an accurate medical diagnosis, including laboratory testing and prescribe medications as necessary. I rely on good nutrition and supplements to reduce genetic and lifestyle risk factors. Also Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine to strengthen stamina and immunity.

How We Got Started

Practicing western medicine left gaps in crucial health care needs especially for those with chronic illness. I use nutrition, lifestyle changes and diet which makes all the difference in getting well. Plus, acupuncture improves sleep and stamina plus reduces the risk of burn out and chronic illness. Its great for headaches, allergies, sinus and ear problems.

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  • 2955 Park Ave Soquel, CA 95073
Our Team
Cynthia Quattro from Cynthia Quattro P.A., L.Ac. DAOM
Cynthia Quattro
Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist