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About Us

Eulexic Reading Therapy provides personalized, one-on-one, online Orton-Gillingham-based structured literacy reading therapy. Orton-Gillingham therapy is the leading approach to helping children overcome dyslexia and other reading, spelling, and writing difficulties.

Eulexic Reading Therapy’s includes instruction in letter-sound patterns and syllable types, as well as, meaning-based study (morphology) of word roots and affixes. Eulexic Reading Therapy teaches clients to think through reading and spelling instead of just guessing. Clients are taught to use their eyes, to see letter patterns (graphemes), their ears, to hear language sound patterns (phonemes), and their heads, to gain knowledge of meaning patterns (morphemes and spelling rules).

Our Team
Mark Rogers, Ed.D. from Eulexic Reading Therapy
Mark Rogers, Ed.D.
Reading Therapist
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