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About Us

I conduct interactive rhythm sessions worldwide for corporate team building, conferences and meetings, for community groups and events, for schools and youth groups, and for private celebrations of all types and sizes. I also teach hand drums and percussion for groups, classes and private instruction.

Since 1980, I've conducted well over 2,000 corporate sessions for many tens of thousands of people in all possible industries and all types of venues both indoors and outdoors.

My fundamental principles are Communicating, Collaborating & Celebrating through rhythm.

"Percussionist Jim Greiner invokes the primal power of drumming to lower the participants' stress, to exercise their minds and bodies, and to bind them together into community." - PBS special, Healing Quest

How We Got Started

I founded Hands-On!Drumming® to share the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of drumming and rhythm to people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Our Team
Jim Greiner from Jim Greiner's Hands-On! Drumming® Worldwide Events
Jim Greiner
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Picture yourself drumming and meditating in a lush paradise as you immerse yourself in the hugely creative culture of Bali… now picture yourself returning home with the down-to-earth skills you need to create your own personal paradise of a life rooted in playful creativity! September 1...
Products & Services

Interactive Rhythm Sessions Worldwide

Corporate team building, conference and meeting ice breaking and community building, schools & youth groups, community events and groups, and private celebrations of all types.

Hand Drumming & Percussion Education

I teach hand drumming and percussion classes, playshops and private lessons for all ages in the Santa Cruz area and worldwide.

CD: Tuned Meditation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing

Create a calming soundscape for your home, garden, workplace, mediation practice, Yoga groups, massage clients and ceremonial gatherings. The chimes on this CD were designed by master chime makers, and tuned to the key of C. I Recorded them with specialized microphones and recording...

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