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People looking to open up creativity and expression, to become more comfortable speaking or storytelling in front of an audience, people looking for a creative way of connecting with others.

About Us

RealPlay fosters authentic and playful expression of bodies, hearts, and minds. Transformation, Mirth, and Artfulness abound!

In a joyful and supportive atmosphere, we integrate movement, sound and verbal expression. Some classes are focused on profound personal change and inner movement, while others emphasize creative expression and empowering performance skills.

RealPlay promotes personal liberation, intimate group connection, and magical mind/body expression.

With the body and voice as medium, our stories, dreams, mythologies—all are fodder for potent human communication and deeply satisfying play.

" Is it Theater? Therapy? Childs play? It can be many things, but after a class you’ve related to yourself and to other humans like you’ve never done before."

"Julie's form of improvisational art inspires me like no other. She is an amazing teacher who listens, inspires, encourages, and challenges."

"RealPlay has made me more self-confident, expressive, joyful and alive- all happening while I was also having fun!"

"RealPlay Rocks. I discover my muse, unleash my full self, and let my soul play!"

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Julie Oak from RealPlay
Julie Oak