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About Us

This business offers helpful information and products through its websites at www.WoosWorms.com and www.WoosLures.com. My worms are small composting worms not intended for fishing, but are often used for trout. Lead time required for worm purchases since they must be removed from boxes. Some products are shipped or can be picked up at my farm stand at my residence. Call 508-240-1014 for an appointment.. I also sell fishing lures online through www.WoosLures.com. I specialize in lures for American shad - darts and spoons and Saltwater lures for Stripers, blues, etc. My home website is www.woofish.com.

How We Got Started

No Job. After I retired in 1999, I went into businesses for myself related to my interests in fishing, computers and gardening. I really enjoy the personal contact with my customers many of whom have become close friends.

Our Ideal Customer

Gardeners, People who like fresh produce, Fishermen

Our Team
Peter L. Groves from Woo's Worms and Garden Products & Woo's Lures
Peter L. Groves
Nat The Cat from Woo's Worms and Garden Products & Woo's Lures
Nat The Cat
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Products & Services


Every year I grow 1000's of shallots for sale and personal use. I sell them on Ebay and www.woofish.com/shallots.html. If you would like to be reminded to purchase from my 2015 crop please contact me. Currently all my 2014 crop is sold out.

Shad Darts

These are my big eye shad darts which come in 3 sizes - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 1/32 oz. Colors available as shown. They are also available with white tails.

Tomato Plants

Every year I grow 1000's of tomatoes from seed for sale and my own personal use. I usually have 50 to 70 different varieties with a lot of heirloom varieties. They are available by appointment or at my farm stand.

Shad Spoons

I make and sell a wide variety of shad spoons which are very popular for American shad as well as other fish. My prices are reasonable, and I will do custom work. Come to www.wooslures.com for more details.
Businesses We Recommend
I have purchased from them many times and have found they have a great selection of floor coverings. Why go miles to Hyannis when RPM is located near by. Try 'em you'll like 'em.
I was a vendor with Heather at the Orleans Farmers Market for a number of years. She knows what is needed for healthy living and her products are tasty to boot.
Past Events & Promotions
Farm stand at 10 Sherman Road, South Orleans will open on May 1st. Many perennials as well as 100's of tomatoes will be available. Call Woo at 508-240-1014 for orders or information.
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Every year I plant 1000's of tomato seeds for my own use and sale. There are usually 50 to 70 varieties. Call 508-240-1014 to make appointment or visit farm stand. Mention this promotion for a $1.00 discount on each plant to a maximum of $10.00. Prices: Large $5 , Medium $4, Small $2.