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Hello! Thank you reading about me, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a girl trying to make a difference in the world, making my way as an entrepreneur. I am in the solar industry and design industry. Please feel free to reach out and connect, I am always open to additional sources of income and knowledge!

How We Got Started

I am passionate to saving the Planet, creating a clean world for our current and future generations!

Our Ideal Customer

I'm looking for 10 Home Owners that want to help Create a CLEANER world for their next generation - Ask me about getting a Free $0 Down Solar Presentation! Please read about what our senators are doing! - Solar IS the Future, Be A Part of It!

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Gigi Pence from Gigi Pence - Independent Powur Advisor #GoSolar
Gigi Pence
Entrepreneur/ Business Owner
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All the facts are in. We are rapidly moving from a commodities based energy paradigm to a technology based energy paradigm, where the world is quickly becoming powered by clean, renewable solar energy. Buy Your Tickets & Get More Info: ...
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Solar Advisor

I connect home owners with local solar companies to install solar on homes and businesses! www.powur.com/Gigi.pence/professionals

Solar Customer

I am looking for 10 home owners to switch from dirty electric to CLEAN & Green Solar Power! • Free Proposal • $0 Down Solar • Working with Top-Rated Provider in your area • Nothing To Lose, Only Money To Gain! • Add Value to your home! • Generate your own electric & sell excess back to...
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Greta mission and Great company, referrals are the greatest compliment!
Great marketer
Great cause!
Great business man, will def use when I am needing a screened in area for my home!
Great guy and knows his stuff when if comes to travel, vacations, family and being an excellent mentor!
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I hope this isn't too obtrusive but I'm very passionate about my job. I'm in the solar industry and wanted to reach out to say hello! Going solar is cost effective, adds to your home's value, you could qualify for federal and state rebates and you can get it with any type of credit with a...

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