Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is any business owner who is looking to increase sales without breaking the advertising budget bank. The GO Technology is ideal for: Network Marketers, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Trainers, Boutiques, Business/Personal Coaches, Plumbers, HVAC, Cleaners, Handyman, Chiropractors, Banks, Auto Sales, Promotions, Lawn Care, Travel, Specialty, Florist, Mortgage, Furniture, Storage, Jeweler, Computers, Stylist, Printer, Veterinarian, Nutrition, Finance, Solar, Mechanic, Wireless, Glass, Dentist, Cabinets, Apparel, Printing, Therapist, Yoga, Self Defense, and any other business that has a product or service that wants to increase their sales.

About Us

417DroidMktg would like to introduce you to the world's most exciting marketing device for your business. How would you like to automatically promote your business on nearby Android phones and devices for less than $1 per day? This product works well for all types of sales, store fronts and service providers. Any business that has a message and a website can use our technology to create brand awareness and create sales for less than the typical cost of standard advertising vehicles.

How We Got Started

A friend of mine shared this product with me for use in my real estate investing business. He knew it was a great product for Realtors to use to sell houses to those who might not normally investigate all the benefits of a particular house. This product works so well for so many applications and can assist business owners, both brick and mortar and home based, increase sales without significantly increasing their ad budget. More sales equals more profit. With or GO Technology, new sales are right around the corner.

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If you could reach out and put your message and website link in the notifications on the Android phones passing by on a particular corner in town, would you do it? Call/text 417-300-0046 and ask me how to Corner Your Market for less than $5 per day!

GO Technology Boosts Business Automatically

The GO is pretty amazing! With the GO, people who walk by can instantly see my special offers and can go directly to our website or sales funnel. Names and emails are collected for our mailing list. We can drive traffic to our Facebook page. We are reaching people we would normally not reach. The...
Our Team
Kendall Fortner from 417DroidMktg
Kendall Fortner