Our Ideal Customer

People who take care of their health, or have pain or lack of mobility.

About Us

HALO M&W offers Clinical and Relaxation massage therapy at our office, onsite corporate and small businesses, and special events.

Health And Life Optimization. We work with athletes, office people, and many more. In pain? Restriction in movement? Let us help you feel better.

Clinical Sessions

30 min sessions targeting muscles causing you issues.

Swedish Massage

This session comes in 1 hour, 90 min, or 2 hour sessions. This massage is targeting your stress. It is a full body massage. Can be done firm, medium or light pressure.

Deep tissue

This service can be 1 hr, or 90 min. This massage it targeting increase circulation. The pressure could be firm, medium or light. With this session, we will also go after areas that are tight or problematic.
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Angela Romine from HALO Massage and Wellness
Angela Romine