Our Ideal Customer

People who do great in our excursions and classes are typically enthusiastic about life, learning, self improvement, exploring the natural world around us all, challenging the self, possess a good-hearted nature, enjoy having fun and both spending time alone as well as interacting with others. Folks who don't mind getting down and dirty with nature.

About Us

With its birth in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Element Mountain encompasses the knowledge and wisdom found at the core essence of life itself and that which is continually passed along through the ages so that all may benefit. Our focus is on Natural Wilderness Living, Healing and Spirituality. We are far more than just a wilderness survival school in Vermont!

Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Living, Spirituality, Healing and Awareness all here at Element Mountain! Situated within the lush Green Mountains of north Vermont, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the western world, Element Mountain is dedicated to helping people from all over the world in finding the deepest areas of their personal potential through genuine experience through both the primal and refined energies that make up this world.

How We Got Started

We started up to assist others in discovering the true wonders of the natural world and the inherent and vital connections we all possesses to life around us. It is a joy of ours to watch people from all walks of life discover and evolve themselves through the world around them in ways they never realized they could.

Between offering wilderness excursions, wilderness classes on nature studies, survival, awareness, and personal growth and healing, as well as over 1,000 articles in the Element Mountain Wolf's Den, we cater to a wide variety of interests.

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WhiteWolf VonAtzingen from Element Mountain
WhiteWolf VonAtzingen
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