Innovative Survival Challenge
Saturday Jun 3rd - Jun 4th
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This camp challenge, Innovative Survival, takes place in the Vermont Wilderness. Its design is to both challenge and invigorates the mind, body and core self. Survival skills are the foundation of this challenge, but how they are utilized is where the fun comes into the challenge. The simple fact is that many people think their skills rather than know them, which in many cases gives a major false sense of security. This camp is designed to shed any illusions of skills one may think they have, and in the face of hardcore reality help people come to terms with their skill facts. The ego tends to create knee-jerk reactions when it comes to actually questioning ones true abilities rather than the thoughts of what someone is able to factually do. This illusion shedding to find personal skill facts is a vital necessity in being as prepared as possible for adverse situations. For full details: http://elementmountain.com/2016/12/innovation-s...
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