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Offering the Andean Mystery Teachings thru workshops, classes, journeys to Chile, Peru and other sacred sites. NOW offering classes in Stone Lake, WI and Canada, One day classes on shamanic journeying and energy work. Medicine Wheel Weekend Workshops, initiations.

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Mystery Teachings become more available on the planet.

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Andean Mystery teachings Workshop-

Creating a map to live by from your own life experience! Join us for the first Direction- SOUTH, on the Medicine Wheel of Life. Clear blocks to your life purpose, and shed what no longer serves you!
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During this class you will be guided thru the creation of your own visionary painting. Artist Angela Gollat from Thunder Bay is our guest teacher! For beginners and advanced painter alike! Fun and laughter, short meditation to focus, and fine instruction-- see her Facebook painting classes!
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Join us for Level One, and TWO! Now combined! South Direction of the Andean Medicine Wheel, creating a Map of YOUR Sacred Journey thru life! Release those things that no longer serve you! Initiations from the High Masters of the Andes! Fun and community in Sacred Circle!...
Create, design an altar that helps you manifest what you desire! Usher in 2017 with strong intentions and the magic that happens with this class! Call for info!
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People are always glad they took the time for themselves to do a workshop that is all about them, and their Sacred Journey thru life! The Medicine Wheel is a Map that you can use to heal your... (more)

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