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The DangerMan Superhero Brand is the #1 Superhero Brand in the World a Brand that you can depend on to help our communities, our youth and America!!. Promoting Education, safety and Good Health.

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DangerMan Urbansuperhero from DangerMan Education Foundation Inc.
DangerMan Urbansuperhero
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The DangerMan Hero Awards honors and celebrates the people in our community who help make a difference..www.dangermanheroawards.com
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great opportunity!!
Norma is an amazing networking professional with enormous integrity
I think Ghost Writer is awesome!!
Because of the grind they do everyday to make things better..
Because of the amazing grind they have to make things better for our youth..
Because they are amazing
Luxury Villas are very, very impressive..All customers are treated fairly.
Because they are so amazing!!
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First time DangerMan Superhero Costumes for kids
Nominees and sponsors needed for the www.dangermanheroawards.com