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Helping thousands of patients avoid surgery for 16 years along with helping them achieve a pain-free life without the use of pain medications by using a "whole body" approach to finding the cause instead of covering up the symptoms. Dr. Nadeau is a Sports Chiropractor working with soft tissue injuries to eliminate scar tissue, inflammation and muscle spasm and lengthen and strengthen muscles. She is very specific with her low force adjustments by using manual and tool assisted instruments to align the spine in order to alleviate pressure from the compression. She is also certified in Acupuncture and Clinic Nutrition so the body can completely heal inside and out.

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Dr. Yvette Nadeau from Total Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr. Yvette Nadeau
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Thank you so much for forming Alignable. I'm a member of some networking groups and I definitely see potential in Alignable. I feel this is going to be the new way of networking due to peoples busy schedules. The other thing I like about Alignable is that you can build your network around your business instead of meeting people that don't have a direct influence in your business.
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Full orthopedic and neurological exam on one area includes X-rays if needed for $39.00. Valued at $250.00

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