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About Us

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Allow us to guide you through the maze of marketing your business online successfully. We can help you with strategic planning, organization, and overall marketing strategy so that you can achieve your sales objectives.


If you are not memorable, you will be forgotten. To become memorable, you must make a one on one connection with each person in your target market. Your brand is your biggest asset and without it you don’t have a business.


The easiest way to stand apart from the herd is to be different in a creative, engaging, and memorable way. From colors to look and feel, we will fine tune your designs that make your marketing “look like a million bucks!”


From keyword rich text to high quality professional videos, content really is king. Whether it’s a podcast or a video blog post, we can help you educate and inform your target audience, driving them back to you to buy more.

Social Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on. If you do not properly position and leverage social media marketing, you can be certain that your fans will be interacting with your competition.

Search Marketing

If you’re not being found on Google, or Yahoo or Bing for that matter, you don’t really exist. Most people go to a search engine when looking for a solution to their problem giving your business the opportunity to add value to their lives.

Video Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on. If you do not properly position and leverage social media marketing, you can be certain that your fans will be interacting with your competition.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the easiest way to have an on-going conversation with new prospects and to keep their interest warm advancing them through the different stages of your sales pipeline. If you’re not emailing, you’re losing revenue.


Retargeting allows you to re-market to your prospects after they’ve been introduced to your business. The simplest form of retargeting is a banner ad that invites you back to a to purchase a product in which you displayed earlier interest.


Websites are the most efficient and effective online marketing tool for your business acting as a hub for your digital marketing. A direct response designed website built the right way combined with targeted traffic really does equal magic.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels allow you to systematically convert prospect into customers by taking them through a step by step process that gives them what they want when they want it. A Sales funnel’s number one objective is to generate revenue.

Online Business Systems

Are you using different platforms for email marketing, content management, ecommerce, analytics, and customer relationship management? If so it’s time we combine them into an integrated machine that works together like the human body.

Connect with me:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/tallmanpromo56

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gilbert.nichols

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gilbertnichols

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Clyxo: https://clyxo.com/gilbertnichols

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/tallmanpromotions

How We Got Started

Business Development is my first love with respect to my employment choices and any previous employment I was engaged in only sent me onto a spur line with a dead end (Maintenance Engineering). Finding solutions for businesses to keep their lights on is more important to me than to find whether they have the best light bulbs in their building. A better website and better strategy for marketing online will improve a business's survival longer term. I'm a networker seeking to build a relationship with people who have a need for more client traffic for 2017.

Our Ideal Customer

A client with a website but insufficient or no traffic; needing social media presence, branding, enhancements to web performance; marketing modalities, i.e. search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, video marketing, search marketing and email marketing. In other words, I'm looking for hungry business owners, realtors, B2B (Business to Business) providers.

Our Team
Gilbert Nichols from M2 Digital Marketing Group
Gilbert Nichols
Business Development Consultant
Products & Services

February 2017 - Sweetheart of a Deal!

Are you ready to step up a level or two with a sharp, responsive website? Are you ready to step up your game to make 2017 your best year ever? Don't put your trust in a cheap substitute! We're already helping our clients generate millions of dollars in revenues with improved website and...
Businesses We Recommend
If you would listen to the music James wrote and produced himself, as I did, you will agree that James is very talented. Anyone who has connections to the music, television commercial or movie industry: you will want to contract the Jersey Boy Demo Factory for your next gig. Go to this link: https://www.reverbnation.com/jamesharrisonbacon
I've been fortunate to know Karen Vining for several years and have no hesitation to recommend her services to anyone in my network for financial services. She's very well aware of the current market and how to hedge yourself for the coming years. Trust, ladies and gentlemen, is her most valuable asset!
I love how everyone at Flower Jazz make such beautiful arrangements with flowers. I attended a workshop they hosted and I think that everyone had more fun learning how to arrange a bouquet as they are receiving one. There delivery was incredible as well.
Very pleasant staff. Very helpful. Saves me money with the right phone and plan each month.
I have been fortunate to know Lisa Shippel for several years when I lived and worked in the Roswell/Alpharetta area. Lisa and her staff have been very pleasant to speak with and Lisa, herself, exhibits expert knowledge of Real Estate Law and Estate Planning. I don't know of too many her equal, if any! I highly recommend Lisa Shippel!
Having been in the advertising world now for over 12 years and having introduced various media to small businesses from register tape, pizza box tops, radio, billboards and local print ads, I am 100 percent in favor of this form of media for anyone who wants to get great exposure! The rates are incredible and the quality is superb. If nothing else, ask them about their Competitor's Block feature, unless you like having competitor's ads reach your visitors in YOUR office!
I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Immanuel Broadcasting Network. They have the highest quality of programming which, to me, means my ideal prospect can enjoy with the whole family. I don't run commercials with them as they are commercial-free. I support them. That just makes good business sense.
I know the principals of this ministry intimately and am assured they are the real deal. Avid in their reaching out to find and speak with people from all walks of life. Steven Kaplan is a good friend and very knowledgeable.
I've known the Logue family for a number of years and cannot find another family of dedicated individuals, devoted to God, country and family, with whom I would entrust any litigation I might be needing in court. Excellent caliber!
I visited with Jamie Day this morning for an impromptu meeting in his office. I learned more about Wadley Financial Group and he learned more about my lighting business. I feel more confident sharing referrals with him and his coworkers now as a result. Very professional!
I strongly recommend Computer Sales & Repair of Roswell as a very reputable business. I've enjoyed my acquaintance with them and have sent many satisfied customers to them over the years.
They've worked on my cars for the past 3 years and have a very conscientious ownership team.
The Frost family and I have been mutually acquainted now for over 8 years. Brant IV has always exhibited strong character and conviction as well as one who stays abreast of how to grow the community he's called home for a number of years. Great example of leadership, professionalism and stewardship. It's his heritage and his legacy. If you want a big city loan but be treated like family, Brant Frost IV and V and associates will surely take good care of you.
I appreciate their ambiance and tasty selections and the free wifi service. Very nice people employed there.
I visited Kale Me Crazy at the recommendation of a long-time patron friend, Mike Buckelew of Zulu Racing, and the selection was excellent! Very healthy! Very fresh and tasty and the service was also unexpectedly great! I strongly recommend Kale Me Crazy for lunch, but beware! They're getting noticed by everyone who cares about better quality food and excellent services!
When I first met Tyler, I was a fledgling light bulb salesman totally frustrated by the sheer lunacy of the marketing plan my company had shoved down my throat. Tyler has picked me up, knocked off the dust and has shown me how I can be the best man I can be. I vouch for his knowledge, passion and energy! He is a family man and a great leader. I liked associating with him so much, I joined his company! He is top of the line as a partner in business development.
I like their friendly atmosphere and personal service. Their free checking has especially been welcome!
I recommend Alignable as the best way to connect with local businesses and learn more about them without wading through LinkedIn profiles and about pages on Facebook and Twitter. It's a one-stop shop with perks the others require "premium" memberships to access. I cannot say enough about Alignable!
When I visited, the restaurant is clean. The pizza bar is well maintained and pizzas are fresh and hot. Brandon has such energy and his pleasant personality positively affects everyone who comes near. Great value too!
I've only known Julie for a short while but feel that I couldn't find a nicer person. I'm confident that her persona and her professionalism in sales makes everybody glad they've met her. I strongly recommend connecting with her if you live in Middle Georgia!
I am fortunate to regard Dan as a consummate professional and dear friend. I vouch for his integrity. Before you consider looking for another insurance company, know assuredly that Dan Forman should be your best choice.
Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce has their fingers on the pulse of everything business related in the metropolitan Atlanta area. If you want to meet some of Atlanta's finest professionals in all professions and make some lasting relationships, plug into the SSPCC. Great people!
Outdoor advertising still keeps any business at the top of more minds than any other media since it cannot be "turned off," unless it's digital billboards, and is in your face year round. Eagle Outdoor could not have lasted for 3 and a half decades by doing any less than providing the best media for the best value. As a fellow billboard representative in Georgia, it is with honor that I recommend Dan Walcott and Eagle Outdoor Sign!
I appreciate the Mall of Georgia location for its ease of access and clean, orderly stock as well as their knowledgeable staff.
I have known Cheryl Harrington personally for over 17 years and believe she has tremendous value to bring to those who seek to find wholeness in their lives. She's someone you can trust.
Nathalie doesn't limit herself to think outside boxes. She finds creative ways to make your box look more attractive by taking your creativity and blending it with the brush strokes of her personality.
Past Events & Promotions
Limited Size - Event! ONLY 12 People Accepted! For the first time, I am making my national sales program available to you, my local home town of Atlanta, practically FREE. This will be a true workshop with the emphasis on the word work. Be prepared to role play, practice, drill and...
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Peachtree Road Baptist Church is hosting its Fall Revival from Monday the 10th to Thursday the 13th at 7 p.m. Keith Gomez, Guest Speaker. Preaching from the King James Version of the Bible, this old-time revival features guest artists from the upper Midwest and has been a popular tradition for...

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