Our Ideal Customer

I would say all Customers are ideal. I am knowledgeable and up to date with all laws, forms, procedures, etc.

I typically work with Title Companies/Signing Agencies performing Loan Signings of every variety of Loan.

However, someone needing a simple one page document notarized is just as important in my eyes. As I've mentioned before--making sure satisfaction with whomever I am working with is key.

About Us

Mobile Notary serving the Greater Seattle area. Need a Power of Attorney notarized? Loan documents? Letters? I will travel to your home, place of business, or meet at a Retirement Community, Hospital, Detention Facilities, etc.

How We Got Started

I have been a notary since 2002 and worked in all aspects of the Real Estate Field for approximately 15 years.

I believe that customer satisfaction is key. I treat everyone that I meet with respect, and try and make sure the Borrower feels knowledgeable about the documents they are signing as well as comfortable and satisfied with the Agent they chose.

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Amber Nelson (Crepps)
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