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About Us

Women business owners and executives hire me to coach them as they seek to create their best future, by design.

With coaching, women finally accomplish their dreams: Fix what's broken, start new, finish well, downsize/upscale to meet goals, and clarify/improve performance in their roles.

Member ICF, ICCA. CoachU Advanced Corporate Coaching Program.

Clients say:

"I had just left a job of 24 years that was extremely demanding and the main focus of my life. I was not sure how I'd make the transition and fill the gap that I knew this would leave. Through coaching, Christine helped me, with her insight and challenging questions, discover for myself which values that I need fulfilled in order to succeed. The process helped me tremendously to understand why some jobs fulfill me while others drain me. Most importantly, I have a solid plan to successfully change career paths and enjoy the work/life balance I want from here on. Christine's positive approach, innate listening skills and natural joy inspired me every step of the way to new perspectives."

- Carla, Bellevue, WA

"Your coaching has helped me gain clarity and power to proactively address my needs and confidently face challenges instead of reacting, as I gain life balance and financial freedom."

- Ereka, Atlanta,GA

"My deep gratitude for our call yesterday. I can’t believe how much richness came out of it. I’m thrilled to start working on all the topics that emerged. I really appreciate your deep listening, clear reflections of what I’d said, and excellent prompting questions. And I’m grateful for the kind words you offered about who I am in the world. Thanks too for the resources and suggestions in your follow up email."

- S., Seattle, WA

How We Got Started

After retiring in 2014 from my role as Development Director for a nonprofit housing agency, I studied coaching through CoachU because I had gained so much by working with a coach during my own transitions. I opened a practice in order to help women achieve their highest potential and enjoy abundant life.

Our Ideal Customer

My clients are:

Women business owners who want to stop feeling overwhelmed and grow their business, and women executives who need to quickly gain skills to excel in their new roles.

Our Team
Christine Rose from Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting
Christine Rose
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Experience the power of coaching this summer and finish 2017 ahead of your goals. Christine has helped women business owners come from behind, refocus, and take action leading to exceptional success. Isn't that just what you're looking for? Give yourself the gift of coaching. Four 55 minute...
Products & Services

Personalized Executive Coaching

You've succeeded in getting promoted. Now you're ready to rise to the challenges of your role. Contact me for one two hour coaching call to quickly address your most pressing concern.

Women Business Owners Coaching Group

90 day group forming to begin in September. Identify and set goals, blast through obstacles, create your ideal future. Meets via Zoom (online) for 90 minutes twice a month. Limited to six to maximize learning from one another and to allow for 27 minutes per month individual coaching for each...
Businesses We Recommend
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Mitch has provided timely, excellent, thorough, accurate help with taxes and financial/tax planning for years, I highly recommend him!
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Contact Disk Eyes for the music to run your business by. Great people!
LifeWire makes a difference locally, regionally and nationally as they have set standards for programs and advocacy for those impacted by domestic violence. They're wonderful people and they need our help!
Checkout Northwest Urban Ministries if you are looking for a nonprofit that truly changes lives of growing children and families.
Stephanie is a highly competent business lawyer who listens. She can do almost everything, and she knows people who can do the rest.
Great staff and insurance brokers. They have lowered my rates twice by shopping for me, and made sure I had enough coverage. Give them a call.
Attain Housing has an amazing track record of successfully helping families transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. If you're looking to get involved in the community, they are worthy partners helping to create community strength and stability through their programs for homeless families.
Amazing group of extremely smart, creative, talented, and fun people whose business is to make your business look as attractive as you are (your job is to be all you say you are and more)!
While he's knowledgeable in all areas of real estate, Paul is especially great for Millennials and first time home buyers. "Better Call Paul!"