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About Us

We are a not for profit 501c3 organization founded by mothers who lost their loved ones to the flu. Our mission is to educate communities and bring awareness about this deadly virus. We work diligently to increase vaccination rates among children , decrease hospitalizations caused by influenza and end this disease by promoting vaccination and providing access at no cost to your local community. Our devastating stories prove this disease is real and kills. Influenza kills more people than any other vaccine preventable disease. Don't be the next face of the Flu. Help us FIGHT THE FLU.

How We Got Started

On December 19, 2014 my daughter Scarlet Anne died at age 5 at Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma, WA. Her cause of death, Influenza A. I thought my child was the only child on the face of this earth that ever died from the flu. I never knew much about the flu. I thought it was a bad cold that every one got over. Later to find out this virus kills more than any other virus. The flu season my daughter died, 147 children died from the flu. That may not seem like a large number if you compare it with the total number of children in the U.S. Maybe that's why you think it could never strike your family. Through my grief and research I realized being educated on this virus is really the missing piece in our communities. Most people don't know symptoms or preventative measures they can partake in in protecting themselves, their family and community. I didn't know. So I decided I needed to create an organization that serves the public with this important information and vaccine access.

Our Ideal Customer

We are looking to partner with local businesses to help us fund our campaigns as well as cross promote to help brand our new organization. We need volunteers, as well as advertisement, sponsorship, corporate donations and good solid business relationships!

What can we do for you?

Our Team
Rebecca Hendricks from Fight the Flu Foundation
Rebecca Hendricks
Heather Lindberg from Fight the Flu Foundation
Heather Lindberg
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Each year, we mark the start of the flu season with warnings. From remembering to wear a coat to stocking up on vitamin C, most people think of the common flu as just another pesky hassle of the season. However, every year as many as 55,000 deaths occur from the influenza virus. Tragically, many...
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