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About Us

Hi everyone. My name is MaryAnne and I currently live in Tacoma. I'm a senior citizen (63) on Social Security but would like to earn a modest income to support myself.

I make precious keepsake videos from family photos for any occasion. Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Vacation photos, etc.

I used to do this for a funeral home and quite a lot of people asked for extra copies or for me to do a special one for them.

I only charge $1.00 per photo, includes motion to each photo, music, DVD, label, case and color cover.

Our Ideal Customer

Our referrals would most likely be those that have old photos (or photos on a USB) and would like to put them on a DVD for a slideshow of a "life's journey" perhaps and maybe not be computer savvy or have the experience. We can help!

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MaryAnne Crepps from YourHomeGrownVideos
MaryAnne Crepps
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