Our Ideal Customer

The Cabin is "Pay-as-you-will". Instead of customers, allow us to define our ideal visitor. Any and all are welcome to visit - especially if they are inquisitive and enjoy learning. We believe in the importance of local history - and we have some great stories to share!

About Us

The Cabin invites the visitor to consider pioneer life. Opportunities abound to learn through interaction... old-fashioned toys, knowledgeable docents or tours of Old Town Tacoma... and much more!

In addition to presenting Tacoma's pioneer story, the Cabin interprets Old Town Tacoma's unique history. A largely immigrant community lived and worked here and played a large role in establishing Tacoma's "we can do it!" attitude.

How We Got Started

In the 1990s, the Old Town Tacoma was in a phase of change, with many of the original structures gone and others being rebuilt and modernized. Founders Karen Poole and Phillis Olson – local shop owners – noted that the neighborhood’s historic nature was fading from memory, and felt strongly that “Tacoma’s birthplace” needed to look the part. They spearheaded the effort that resulted in the scale‐sized replica of Job’s original cabin that now sits in Old Town Park, only 2 blocks from the original site of Job’s original log cabin.

Save the date for this annual fundraising breakfast - presented to benefit the Cabin's operating budget. We rely on our community to keep the programs going. Please plan to join us! Registration will open in September.

Bringing Tacoma's Birthplace to Life!

This replica of Tacoma's first non-native permanent residence is a fun, interactive learning experience for all ages. We're open 12 - 4 pm, Wed-Sat during the summer (Jun-Sep). The rest of the year (excepting January), the Cabin is open 1 - 4 pm. Visit our website for more detailed information...
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