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About Us

Content marketing is about making engaging, creative content that grabs the interest of your customers. So how do you create content that is not only appealing, but brings in measurable results?

We’ll execute ongoing marketing initiatives, relying on analytics and customer feedback to make campaigns even more profitable over time.

From your website, content, and your social media platforms – we have a variety of consulting and maintenance options for businesses of any size and online reach.

How We Got Started

Social Klicker is a DBA of McCallister Company Inc. which has been established since 1989.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are the organizations who wish to grow their community and prospects online. We work with not-for-profits, small-midsize service providers, start-ups, and product based companies.

Our Team
Stefanie McKellar from Social Klicker
Stefanie McKellar
Marketing Director
Products & Services

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way for a business to grow its customer base online. However, showcasing your brand on the internet is no easy task. An organization needs to have a goal in mind to engage its customers and establish a relationship. Consumers are tired of seeing rehashed...

Social Media Marketing

Social media has drastically changed the online landscape by offering a new style of communication. It’s not about posting once a week and hoping someone will ‘like’ it. It’s about amplifying your brand and making it valuable to the bottom line of your organization. You want your message to be...

Website Development

Consider what you want to happen when your audience gets to your site. Will it increase sales? Will it get your organization’s message out to more people? You need a strategy in mind before you start building. Your website needs to be your main hub of traffic. It helps potential customers find...

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is definitely not a short-term process, but it can provide long-term value. If you take the time to build a strategy, research your keywords, create great content, and build quality links, SEO can lead to great success for your business. It doesn’t stop with just...

Video Production

Video content is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of content marketing. Words or pictures aren’t always engaging enough; videos provide a unique blend of audio, visuals, and text that can grab the attention of any potential customer. From corporate intros and product launches to...
Businesses We Recommend
If you are looking for a web developer that does a CUSTOM full-site CMS for just YOUR business - he's the right guy to talk to. Whether you are a large e-commerce or a small not-for-profit - they provide the value of a 1-stop system that saves you the expense of paying for many platforms that equal the same results.
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Stefanie McKellar answered Is Google Adsense Good for SEO?
11 days ago • 2 Likes
When any organization gets started with an SEO plan - there's about 900 different ranking factors that Google uses to determine your rankings. I've linked an article that discusses your questions... (more)
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