Our Ideal Customer

Our Ideal Customers are professional service firms like accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, marketing firms and many others need those computers running at peak efficiency to keep staff members productive. Staying ahead of technology problems avoids failures at critical moments.

More and more you depend on technology, at home or at work, to efficiently accomplish goals and tasks for your business or personal benefit.

About Us

Stewart & Son Computer Services, LLC is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Our goal is to move clients to technologically advanced services where their systems are monitored 24/7 to PROACTIVELY monitor, maintain and manage their systems.

Frequently, we will resolve problems before the client is aware the problem existed.

Surprisingly, most businesses feel they can take care of many problems themselves and don't realize the cost in productivity and impact on systems that are managed properly to attain the best performance, uptime, and the abilities that their business requires to provide their customers better service.

You can't take care of your customers well if your technology is not functioning at it's best.

How We Got Started

I started by working for a company that sold and serviced computers 20+ years ago. I saw that most companies in town that serviced computers had 1 to 2 weeks lead time.

It was obvious that a company, whose main focus was Service and Support, was what clients needed.

Virus or Malware Infection? WE CAN HELP!

AntiVirus & Malware Scanning and Removal. $150. Call us before coming in with your laptop or computer so we can make sure you bring the right components for us to get to work quickly on your problems.

Speed-Up | Clean-Up Service

Drop off your PC or Mac for our Speed-Up | Clean-Up Service. This service will optimize the performance of your system. We will get rid of the Junkware and Malware. We will also perform a Antivirus Deep Scan cleaning. Call us for more information: 253-565-0138

Remotely Managed Computer Services & Onsite Support

$145/month covers up to 5 computers - that is LESS than 1 hour of OnSite Support! UNLIMITED Remote and Phone Support! Our PROACTIVE efforts Reduce or Eliminate expensive repairs and data recovery costs by detecting problems before they become network disasters. Monitored BACKUPS AntiVirus,...
Businesses We Recommend
I have known Frank Larios for close to twenty years. He is a professional, he's highly responsive, reliable, and he is a man of high integrity. I would, without reservation, recommend him to consult with you concerning your needs that match his field of expertise. When it comes to Medical equipment supplies... Frank is you man!
Randy and his crew have always done a fantastic job on my vehicles. And I like his pricing. Ask him about firewood too! He totally delivers. Sure beats getting it at the Holiday Station or Fred's. And it's well cut.
If I owned my own business, I would definitely want to consult with Allie about credit card processing options before making any decisions. As a business owner, she knows what details you need to know. And you'll probably be surprised at what you don't know. She is very knowledgeable.
Ed Grogan helped me with solid advice concerning my Social Security retirement options. His knowledge and experience are valuable, without doubt.
Re-ignite your biblical knowledge with the published works of Cepher Publishing Group.
Their service is great. I came in late for my appointment. They checked me in and told me how long it would take and they updated me as the work progressed. Their service was much better than "another place" I took my car to in Tacoma 6 months earlier and they did less and charged me more! They live up to their company name... with a strong emphasis on "Courtesy".
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