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As for the company I work for, Stewart and Son Computer Services, LLC... We provide Advanced technology to PROACTIVELY Monitor, Manage and Maintain your Business Technology. We monitor the health of your systems. If there is a problem with a component on your network, we see the problem in realtime. We can remotely resolve the issue without you even being aware you had an issue. THAT'S GREAT SERVICE! We can also Monitor the Security status, BackUp status, Update and Patch status to keep your systems running when you need them. And if you experience a problem, call us and we can share your screen while you watch us fix the problem. No waiting for us to make an appointment. We have Service Plans for your budget and your needs. Monitored Services, as low as $29 per covered device/mo. If you don't have a company like Stewart and Son Computer Services, LLC keeping "eyes" on your network, computers, and other technology. REMEMBER THIS: "It's not IF it will happen, but when".
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Stewart & Son Computer Services, LLC is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Our goal is to move clients to technologically advanced services where their systems are monitored 24/7 to PROACTIVELY mon...(more)