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A inspirational guest for my WBTVN.TV show. I love sharing fantastic business entrepreneurs with my viewers.

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Paula is the host of "Choices: Finding your Joy" on WBTVN.tv . A Women's broadcast television. The host of "Why am I so Happy" on BBS, Real Revelation, and I Heart radio. A Usui Reiki master/teacher, and former restaurant owner.

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I love sharing inspiration and caring to others, animals, and the world.

vCard : You must see this. It's Fantastic!

Here is a link to my vCard (Smart Digital Business card). You can click on the link and see my card. http://pvailster.123look.com/ I love it. I have been sharing this with my phone to so many people (instead of handing them a business card). Check it out! Get one yourself.
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Paula Vail from Wellnessinspired
Paula Vail
Radio Host/Reiki Master Teacher