Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve Smarter Goals Workshop
Friday Feb 3rd 8:30am-10am
This event has already occurred
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We often have the best intentions when it comes to goals. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and achieve great things - either personally or professionally. At other times we make a few attempts and then abandon our efforts before we realize any benefits. How is it that sometimes we push through barriers to reach our goals, yet other times we come up short or get derailed? In this workshop you will learn the importance of getting really clear about what you want. You'll pinpoint with a laser-like focus the small steps that you need to getting big results. You'll learn how setting SMARTER goals is key to overcoming obstacles and consistently achieving success. Who Should Attend? Anyone who is serious about setting goals and achieving results. If you want to become better about decision making and become more results oriented then this is the workshop for you in 2017! More info or register here: http://tampabay.dalecarnegie.com/events/breakfa...
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