Our Ideal Customer

There really isn't a customer who is too big nor too small for Quicksilver. Quicksilver works with hospital systems who employ thousands of people to working with offices who employ 4 people. Quicksilver's ideal customer would be one who knows the importance of CERTIFIED electronics recycling and also may have a need for asset management. Quicksilver also pays for certain equipment. Contact me to learn more.

About Us

Quicksilver is a local small business providing asset management, proper electronics recycling as well as data security. Most of Quicksilver's services are ALL free of charge! Quicksilver also gives back to our local community by working with Computer Mentors. When Quicksilver collects mobile devices proceeds from those devices go to benefit the Computer Mentors program.

How We Got Started

Quicksilver wanted to make a difference in the electronics recycling world. They saw the opportunity to do so by NOT shipping over sees and processing the electronics material properly and responsibly.

Asset Management, Electronics Recycling, Data Security

Quicksilver holds FREE electronics recycling events! Quicksilver partners with ProShred to provide not only electronics recycling but also on site document shredding to local businesses!
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Lisa Loar from Quicksilver Recycling Services
Lisa Loar