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About Us

We make Scented Gel. You can use these instead of oil and wax. Easy to use and easy to clean up. With the scented gels all you have to do is let them cool, then peel them up. You are ready to put in a new scent. It's that easy. We have over 100 scented gels so far.

We make Aroma Crystals. You can get the aroma crystals in jars or in sachet bags. You can hang the sachets in your closet, put them in a drawer, in the car, mix with your potpourri and great for different craft projects. Set the jars where you want, take the lid off and smell the wonderful aroma. We make the aroma crystals to match the scented gels.

We make Linen and Air Refresher Spray. You can use it just about anywhere bathroom, bed, furniture, in the car, on your clothes and even on your skin. (check a small spot first to be sure you are not allergic) I even use it on my dog. She loves Jasmine. We have two sizes.

We make D-Stink-Em for the toilet. Spray before you go and that's what you smell instead of what you just did.

We make Personal Touch for the skin. Roll it on your wrist, neck or where ever you normally put perfume.

We also make Diffuser Oil for you sticks.

We Hand Dip Incense Sticks and Incense Cones.

We also have oil.

We make One of a Kind Burners.

Special order for burners and scents.

Visit our website to see the video about our products. Look around let us know what you think. Place an order and we will ship it to you. www.scentsfromtheharts.com

If you are in Tarpon Springs, Florida stop in to see us.

813 Dodecanese Blvd suite G,

Tarpon springs Florida 34689

727-307-2432 shop

727-237-3097 cell

West end of the sponge docks inside the lighthouse shops.

Hope to see you there! We Just Make Scents!! www.scentsfromtheharts.com

How We Got Started

People told me I should sell my scented gel. I started it online then found a store to open. It has been a huge learning experience.

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who likes good smelling stuff. Hand made items. Love and care with everything we do.

Our Team
Tamara Hart from Scents From The Harts
Tamara Hart
Sam from Scents From The Harts
Richard Hart from Scents From The Harts
Richard Hart
Liz Breedlove from Scents From The Harts
Liz Breedlove
Mike from Scents From The Harts
Products & Services

We Make Most Of Our Products

We make Scented Gel, Aroma Crystals, Linen & Air Refresher, D-Stink-Em, Personal Touch, Diffuser Oil, Incense Sticks and Cones, . We make 1 of a kind adjustable electric burners. Our scented gel last longer then oil or candles. Easy clean up too. Let it cool and it peels right up. Visit our...
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Great company!! Shops local shops and the people are very nice!!
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It's on our website or you can come into our shop. It is one of a kind adjustable electric tart burner we made. www.scentsfromtheharts.com visit our website if you are close to our shop. There is only this one so don't let slip by.
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***FYI*** On December 5th the post office will be doing their toys for tots pick up at the mail box. The National Association of Letter Carriers were headed off at the pass by the post office, so they were unable to give the fliers to the customers. So, I am writing on here to let people know...
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Get 10% off regular priced items Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Nov 27, 28 & 29th 2015) Great gift ideas that last. Happy Shopping!!! We Just Make Scents!!! ***Free Sample With Every Purchase!!!***

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