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We are a visual communication service providing branding, logo design, web design, advertisement design and more.

Visual Communications

We provide web, artistic and graphic design service for businesses and industries of all type.

Custom Painting

Acrylic painting, painted on a 36x48 birchwood board. Cost: $375 (including shipping)
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Corey Russell answered I'm Currently Looking for a Logo Designer. I Have the...
15 days ago
I'm available. Please visit www.jakorisworld.com to view my portfolio. If necessary here is my contact info: jakorisworld@yahoo.com Thanks (more)
Corey Russell answered What Is an Inexpensive Way to Build a Website and Get It...
about 2 months ago
There are inexpensive way to build a web site as well as get it out there! It all depends on your need for you business. (more)
Corey Russell answered What Is a Realistic Monthly Budget for a Website for...
about 2 months ago
Generally I would charge 300-900 to design a website. This totally depends on the depth of the site and the functionality of it. (more)
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Corey Russell from Jakorisworld of Art & Design
Corey Russell