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About Us

Tony Hunt Consulting provides individuals, small businesses and start-ups big solutions at competitive prices. We are a one-stop IT solution for all your needs.

• Application/Website Design & Development

• Hardware/Software Implementation

• IT Security

• HIPAA Compliance

• PCI/DSS Compliance

• Risk Assessments and Remediation

• IT Service Management, Support & Maintenance

• Enterprise Resource Planning

• Infrastructure Design and Management

• Enterprise Storage

• VPS/Website Hosting

• Exchange Email Hosting

• Office365 Hosting

• VPN Hosting

• Search Engine Optimization

• Online Reputation Management

• Document Management

• Data Integrations

Our Team
Tony Hunt from Tony Hunt Consulting
Tony Hunt
Products & Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise software packages built specifically to manage all facets of your company's processes. ERP implementations under our care are smooth and efficient, well-planned and on-time.

IT Project Management & Implementation

No job to large or small, we do it all. From handling your backoffice PC repair to managing your entire company's IT infrastructure. We currently manage the IT and Web interests of over 50 successful organizations, and are always looking for more businesses to help. We take all the headaches away...

Web Development and SEO Services

We not only build quality websites, but we also build them to make your company/organization a success! Have questions? Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

We currently offer one of the most technologically efficient, fast, redundant, and maintenance-free enterprise storage solutions in the industry. From 30TB to multiple PB solutions, let us show you how we can help your company's storage rack reach 1 million IOPS.

Website and Email Hosting

Our Web and Email hosting solution fits small business needs perfectly. Never pay for what you arent using and enjoy some of the most competitive uptimes in the industry. We host our own servers so you don't have to. Our webservers consistently outperform the competition at every level.

Custom Server/PC Builds

We build some of the coolest and highest performance custom solutions available, from developer machines to gaming rigs, from backup NAS to multi-instance Virtual Servers. Have questions on what you need? Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Risk Assessment and Remediation

We provide risk assessments and remediation in HIPAA as well as PCI environments. Our security team is highly experienced and we proudly like to help small businesses navigate through compliance matters at incredibly competitive rates.
Businesses We Recommend
CCR is manned by one of the most knowledgeable smiths I've ever met. He knows what you need before you know what you need ;)
Very solid business services. Love working with them.
He produces amazing work! Love working with him.
They are a very solid telecom/internet provider. I've had the pleasure of working with them on projects before and they're always on task, professional, and looking out for their clients.
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I have over 99% customer retention. If your clients know you're doing the best for them, and you're providing the best service they can get...there is no competition. (more)
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It depends entirely on your services, your target market and how they shop. I have clients/partners that see a significant ROI from it and others that use it only to make sure they are competitive. (more)
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