Our Ideal Customer

As I mentioned, everyone has talent, it just has to shine. So my ideal customer is one who wants to develop their social and business skills. For example, if your business requires travel and cross cultural interaction, I can help you with customs and manners of the host country. If you are attending a networking session, a high level conference, a business dinner and dance or you are a guest at a wedding.....see where I am going with this? Everyone has social and business obligations that I can guide you through. I'm in your corner!

About Us

I believe that everyone has talent. But, sometimes, a lack of polish in their personal and business image can sabotage their career. And the problem is that no one will tell you that. I will.

Whether you need coaching for an important speech, or to brush up on your dining skills before a big dinner meeting, I can help. I am a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant. I received my training and certification from the Protocol School of Washington.™ My unique approach to teaching stems from a three-decade career in the entertainment industry. I have directed and coached internationally-known theatre, film, and television performers and I bring my attention to detail to my services as a Personal and Business Image Consultant.

Go ahead and ask me what I do - in a nutshell - I polish people!

How We Got Started

I developed a solid reputation in the entertainment industry as a stage director and choreographer for film and television. I knew that my skills were transferable to every day life, and when I researched the etiquette and protocol industry, I knew instantly that it was a good fit.

I am still directing people and choreographing them, but in a different way.

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