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About Us

Holistic Fitness and Lifestyle Programs and Wellness Services to achieve your goals, maintain a balanced lifestyle and CREATE your Awesomeness at a small boutique studio in Bloorcourt/Dufferin Grove neighbourhood.

All services are tailored to you and include:

Personal and Small Group Training


Lifestyle Coaching

Thai Massage

Aromatic Touch


Chakra Balancing

How We Got Started

A lifestyle of wellness is supposed to be freeing, fun-enhancing, and enable you to feel awesome; no gym or clinical wellness centre, and certainly no diet, ever left anyone feeling like that, so I created a space and programs that get results taking place in a bright studio and blissful treatment room.

Our Ideal Customer

Those seeking a holistic approach to lifestyle and/or body transformation.

Type A? Burnt out... to a crisp.

Sick and/or overweight, and so hopelessly "done"? Willing to do anything to feel good again.

Very experienced and successful with mental health and addictions clientele, including psychotropic med-induced weight gain.

LGBT positive space; we like all kinds of people... and rainbows!

Our Team
Lisa Kingsley-Correia from Create Fitness Health and Wellness
Lisa Kingsley-Correia
Businesses We Recommend
Past Events & Promotions
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We'll be offering Pay What You Can Yoga Classes and $1/minute Thai Massage Teasers from 5-15 minutes long. Stop by we'll be in front on The Queen's Shoppe Salon on Bloor west of Dufferin next to Subway Restaurant

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!