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1) New Directions: Individuals looking for lasting life and career transition tools that empower their lives

2) Corporations or small businesses looking for a speaker that will impact their culture and productivity with a plan and speech that creates a more caring and connected workplace.

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An intuitive coach who helps you plan both life and career changes. Steffi also presents tailored talks and plans for incorporating kindness in the workplace to create powerful and positive change.

How We Got Started

I am passionate about helping people live aligned with core values and build a strong and lasting foundation for life and career change that is positive and pro-active. I am also passionate about how people are treated in the workplace and that is why I designed a Keynote and workshop on Why Kindness Matters Today.

Spread the Kindness T-Shirt

A t-shirt that supports the message of kindness in the workplace or at school or that can be part of your own Kindness Challenge or plan that Steffi creates for your culture to become more caring and connected. The aim: “To #spreadthekindness in schools and businesses, fostering an engaged...
Businesses We Recommend
Brown and Cohen are top in their fields for a reason: They know the industry and the changes that have taken in place over the years in both communications and public affairs. They also care very much about the clients they serve and are passionate about the community they live and work in.
Patricia Gaytan,
Patricia Gaytan
A stylist and hairdresser who is talented and creative and works out of her home in North Toronto.
Black Dragon Wing Chun,
Black Dragon Wing Chun
I suggest the teaching of Sifu John Liao is amazing. He respects the history of wingchun and understands how to motivate and support the growth of individuals training in the Wing Chun system of self defense.“The ultimate goal of Wing Chun is not having to use it, but to acquire inner peace”
Dr. G. Altuna ,
Dr. G. Altuna
Very thorough and professional and prices that are affordable for families.
Anne is an excellent speaking coach and etiquette expert. She is warm, gracious and very helpful with making sure one feels comfortable in front of groups of people. She wants you to succeed and does her best to help you do so!
Chris was responsive and helpful with the project I asked him to work on and he was also creative in coming up with other suggestions. He has both the creative skills and organizational ability.
I had the privilege of working with Rhona when we went into schools to teach 'spread the kindness' to young people. She has leadership and empathy that young people respond to and it was an honor to work together with young people.
Petr truly understands the body dynamics and alignment and will also do home visits for busy, stressed people.
Awesome friendly and helpful staff who make buying kids' presents so much fun and like the great wrapping and tips too.
As a small business owner, it is important to have someone you can call on when the server is down and who will take the time to explain and share what might be happening. Stan has prices that are fair and is very available for dealing with technology issues in a pinch.
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