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“ The true value of one's life is how we reach out to those who need help and support their growth through constructive programs, time spent listenin... ”
Written Sep 08, 2017

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The Women's Lab

Geller Coaching • Sunday Sep 24th 10:30am-12pm
Connecting with successful female business owners, community leaders, success coaches and charity founders through targeted group activities and keynote speeches that will foster collaboration and inspiration to help you achieve your goals. ...

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Ryan Ochs from Northeast Communications Group
Ryan Ochs from Northeast Communications Group answered:
Provide an outstanding customer experience and it is easy. Complete the project or customer provided service and ask at the end of work. I do a project conclusion review with every customer. At the conclusion of the review I ask for the referral. If you have done a great job they always say yes. (more)

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Bailey Success Group, Trenton NJ
Skip Bailey from Bailey Success Group
Trenton NJ • Artists and Writers
The Bailey Success Group is focused on helping individuals pick up tools and principles to move forward, change and create a better life for themselves
Joined on Sep 07, 2017

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