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About Us

TELLUS helps entrepreneurs and business owners to grow the business by helping in strategy development, business models, pricing, and execution strategy. Dr. Salonen, the founder of TELLUS International, has a long background in running businesses with several exits with management teams (business sold to another company). If you are a business owner and want your business to grow, connect with us and we will be more than happy to have a discussion how we can help you in your business growth.

How We Got Started

The founder, Dr. Petri I. Salonen, was CEO for a global software company and when the team sold the company, Dr. Salonen decided to start a company that could help other companies grow internationally. Dr. Salonen has built sales channels on a global basis and this background gave TELLUS a solid headstart to help other companies to grow the business as well.

Our Ideal Customer

Our focus is on software business owners that want to build a global software business. These businesses could be small startups or larger companies that want to transform a traditional software business model to a subscription-based business model. We have helped tens of global brand names in this type of business model transformation.

Our Team
Dr. Petri I. Salonen from TELLUS International, Inc
Dr. Petri I. Salonen
Rita Salonen from TELLUS International, Inc
Rita Salonen
Office Manager
Products & Services

Selection of software tools to run your small business

We help businesses in software tool selection that enables an organization to grow the business without having to focus on manual work. TELLUS runs its business on cloud-based Office 365 and Dynamics CRM and we are more than happy to share our experiences what has worked with us and what to avoid.

Strategy and Business Model Development

We help entrepreneurs and business owners in strategy development and building business models that enable organizations to grow the business. We use industry standards business modeling frameworks and Dr. Salonen is also an educator of these frameworks for teams in global brands.
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