Our Ideal Customer

Our Ideal Customers are professional service firms like accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, marketing firms and many others need those computers running at peak efficiency to keep staff members productive. Staying ahead of technology problems avoids failures at critical moments.

About Us

Computer, Network, and Server Support Services for Small Business

Dedicated to supporting and promoting the small businesses and people in our diverse community.

We have a knowledgeable staff who is ready to take care of your critical computer needs. With over 65 years of combined experience, you'll get the right help at the right time.

How We Got Started

We saw an opportunity for a quality IT support business with skilled and knowledgeable staff to be successful in this space. Keeping service promises, working efficiently, and being the experts in small to medium sized business technology support is where we succeed.

Clean-Up, Speed-Up your Laptop, Desktop or Mac!

We come to your business, pick up your computer and bring it to our office where we: •Windows or Mac! •Clean out the dust •Clean up old files •Clean out the bugs •Speed up the fans •Speed the start up •Speed up the programs

Managed Services - Flat Fee Support

Let Stewart and Son Computer Services be your business IT department! We keep your computers, networks, and servers maintained to prevent problems before they start. Update Windows Check for Current Antivirus Regular Maintenance Improves Performance Discounts for Service Calls and...

A Happy Computer Makes a Happy Business!

Nobody likes surprises with computers. Breakdowns and expensive repairs cost businesses money, time and sometimes customers! Business Owners, Employees, and customers benefit when your computers are running at top-speed. With our Managed Services Plan you can keep your technology running...
Businesses We Recommend
I have known Michael for a couple years now and I find him an accomplished professional and an effective attorney.
I achieved amazing results with my mobility issues at Taiso!
Paul is an excellent resource for business financial concerns. I've known him for a few years now, and can recommend Paul without hesitation.
We've been going to McCabes for over 10 years now and we are always treated well and get the best work for the best price. A real value any way you slice it.
Steve does amazing artwork, you'll enjoy working with him.
Jeff is a great networker and I can always rely on him to take care of any referrals I send. I've known him for nearly 3 years now and his company does excellent work!
Highly skilled, competent, and professional health care!
John Jarman runs Summit Strength and he has a real community spirit. I highly recommend him and his highly-qualified team!
AYSP has been my go-to team for years. Great work and a pleasure to do business with! They have my highest recommendation.
Helping kids understand the meaning of community service, volunteerism and philanthropy. These programs benefit not just the kids but other local non-profits they support through their efforts.
My company does a lot of IT work but websites isn't one. We look for excellent developers to refer to and Dave & Gil of Greenhaven are our go-to recommendations!
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