Our Ideal Customer

Someone who ask: Who am I? What is my purpose in life.

Spiritual Seeker. Self Development.

About Us

Myra helps people bring clarity to their lives and guide them in remembering who they are through her channeling. This guidance allows freedom from feelings of uncertainty, feelings of being stuck. Through channeled conversations, you receive direction on how to move forward and begin to see your life purpose. She has given guidance to many in their personal lives and in their work and career.

Myra’s channel practice began in 2004 when an extraordinary, spiritual experience left her with the ability to interpret and deliver insights about ourselves. Information on our specific SOUL traits and certain human behavioral patterns were discussed during these conversations. These insights and messages compelled Myra to take her practice public and share the mysteries of the human experience.

In addition to being a skilled channel, she brings a strong business consultative background to her work. She has had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies offering solutions to improve their business practices. One client referenced her as “ an insightful communication channel” by providing clear business intelligence. Her love for channeling along with her business skills allows Myra to offer insights and solutions in various capacities.

Myra is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and she is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. She received her Bachelors in Arts in Communications and Rhetoric from University of Pittsburgh.

How We Got Started

To help people feel unstuck in life.

Our Team
Myra Astorga from Myra Astorga
Myra Astorga
Channel Practitioner