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About Us

I provide Personal Advice. My personal belief is that there are no problems that cannot be solved. No difficulties that cannot be clarified and or improved in some way and that there is always a logical and honest way out of most any situations one may get into in life.

How We Got Started

I started giving Personal Advice, as a profession, when I noted that more and more of my friends were coming to me for help. I got curious about this and asked them "How Come?" The answers basically added up to 'you listen and always seem to know just what to say!'

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is anyone who knows his business but is in need of a "Sounding Board"; someone who can listen and have the experience to suggest and guide in the direction of resolving difficulties, personal and or business.

Our Team
Clifford Woods from The Personal Adviser
Clifford Woods
Personal Advisor
Products & Services

Personal Advice

Do you have a nagging problem that will not go away? Is your business stagnated and no idea how to get it rolling? Feeling lost, not sure what to do next? Bored out of your skull? I have been there, and I can help. By definition, an advisor (or adviser) is someone who gives advice, and...

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Businesses We Recommend
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Greg and his team are excellent at what they do, If you need a superb (and BIG) painting job on a large or HUGE outdoor structure, these are the guys you want. Greg is an honest and ethical fellow and also very friendly. Regards, Cliff
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