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Come Join Me! When teams are not communicating effectively, it leads to a sick environment of information hoarding, resentment by those who are not kept up to date, bad planning and inefficiency. The team ends up working at cross-purposes or unaware that others are taking on the same task. In...

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We have completed more than 650 business plans that have helped to raise over $1.3 Billion in investment funds for our clients.

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Debbie Battler from Strategic List Services
Debbie Battler from Strategic List Services answered:
Hello Nicole, There are many ways to market in your area. How would you like to contact your leads? by postal or phones or email? Where are you located? How many would you like? Do you have a budget in mind? Depending on what you need we can supply a targeted direct marketing lead list. I would love to hear from you. (more)

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Alex McEachern from RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Alex McEachern from RBC Dominion Securities Inc. wrote:
I'm looking for business owners who could benefit from guidance through a myriad of wealth matters beyond their investments, including tax minimization, estate planning, and business succession planning. (more)

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Westcoast Jewellers and Diamonds LTD, vancouver BC
Pierre Nasr from Westcoast Jewellers and Diamonds LTD
vancouver BC • Retail/department Stores
Wholesale diamonds and custom made jewellry
Joined on Sep 20, 2017

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