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“To achieve successful results, you must first build successful relationships”, by Patricia Johnson

For a comprehensive listing of the services and industry experience I have to offer you or your business please visit my site at https://atalentedtemp.net. I am currently seeking new clients for my Virtual Assistant business. I also like to work 'on-site' temp or contract projects with local Vancouver businesses. Thank you for reading!

Research, Competitive Intel, Biz Dev, RevGen, Social Media, C-Suite EA

I am proud to say that in all my years in the corporate world, I have managed to bring in business on varying scales to each employer I have engaged with. This has been done via my online research, news sources; TV, Paper, etc., and word of mouth - keep those ears open - you'll be surprised what...

Is Santa Coming to Your Workplace? Bonuses and Christmas Gifts for Employees

Perhaps no one is openly talking about it, but employees at all levels are surely thinking about it – what will this year’s Christmas gift or bonus be? Whether it’s a holiday-season gift or a bonus, employee expectations may be high for 2016. However, I think it would be interesting to witness...

Canadian Employers are Facing Workplace Medical Marijuana Challenges

Canadian employers are already coping with about 75,000 Canadians authorized to use medical marijuana. Health Canada anticipates this number increasing to roughly 450,000 through 2024. Employers are cognizant of the fact that medical marijuana is a psychoactive drug prescribed to address...

Canada: Employers Minimize Holiday Party Liability by Taking These Steps (Part 1 of 2)

With Christmas fast approaching, I think this article is timely, as it speaks to what employers can do to make sure their holiday party is the social event of the year and not a litigation nightmare. Those employers who are planning a holiday gathering where alcohol will be served should be aware...

About A Talented Temp

I hold strong interests in Human Resources, Real Estate, Research & Business Development, and Marketing, as well as Social Media, having successfully assisted the firms I have engaged with in each of these areas. My strengths are in document production, database management, computer programs...

SMBs: Import of Creating a Powerful Web Presence

A powerful website can continually evolve and improve through easier navigation, enhanced functionality, consistent and improved content, and of course, testing. It takes some time to recognize what is, and is not, working in your niche. The learning curve on website design, SEO, content &...
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Trish Johnson answered How to Get Business Owners to Trust Me as a POS Supplier?
about 1 month ago • 2 Likes
Terry, I'm assuming POS means Point of Sale? The first couple of things that come to mind for me in terms of your internet presence and 'trust' are: Do you have recommendations from past &... (more)
Trish Johnson answered Entrepreneurs, What Is Your Biggest Struggle With Social...
2 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Keane, for me I think it has to be not having a self hosted website, vs. a blog on WP. In terms of following etc., I think I'm doing alright and have lots of likes on Twitter. However, as an... (more)
Trish Johnson answered Does Anyone Know of a High Quality Printer to Print Onto...
16 days ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I do not have personal experience with this shop but have heard good things about them and they specialize in Canvas as well. Worth a check out Carla. Hope this helps you - here's the direct link:... (more)

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