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“ SDC is a company devoted not only to delivering the highest quality product to their clients, and offering a huge variety of technically advanced s... ”
Written Aug 11, 2017

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Gayle DeRose from L-Tron Corporation
Gayle DeRose from L-Tron Corporation answered:
I am a transparent person--I do not like the title, and there are still not enough women in leadership positions in all size businesses. (more)

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Renee Hoffman from Utopia Home Care
Renee Hoffman from Utopia Home Care wrote:
We want to make sure our clients are happy and have all their needs meet. Please feel free to call and set up a meeting or to call with any questions you may have. (more)

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Side Street Laundromat, Victor NY
Mary Colyer from Side Street Laundromat
Victor NY • Dry Cleaners and Laundromats
top load washers $2.00 double load washers $3.25 triple load washers $4.75 dryers 6min for $.25 Drop-n-DASH laundry minimum charge $14.00 then 1.4 per pound Assorted prices for dry cleaning - from Sunday to Thursday can be back the next evening
Joined on Aug 13, 2017

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