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Interiors Designers, ID company owners, Millwork Professionals, Kitchen Manufacturers, Cabinetry Manufacturers and other architectural entities.

About Us

I do Millwork & Interiors AutoCAD Drafting for existing and new projects. I am well versed in the areas of: cabinetry, kitchens, renovations, millwork, architectural, interior, permit drawings, lite rendering, prototypes and other aspects of drafting. In addition to my drafting skills and experience I am somewhat a computer geek as I also fix and build computers and as a relaxation I make websites, logos and other graphic material.

How We Got Started

Unstable employment practises, causing a constant need for new sources for work.

To be in control, as much as possible, in the area of drafting.

Interiors AutoCAD Drafting

Geard towards Interior Design Professional Designers, I do AutoCAD drawings, space plans and other drafting aspects in the industry.
Businesses We Recommend
Probably the kindest and extremely experienced designer in Victoria. If you are looking for a commercial design, Maria is your designer.
Ley Art and Interiors,
Ley Art and Interiors
Vita Design Inc. ,
Vita Design Inc.
One of the leading Interior Designers of today, Lisa Sinclair is in many ways the designer to go to. Flexibility, great attitude and easy to approach will show you the best concept and the unparalleled creation.
Kimberly Ayres ,
Kimberly Ayres
Great Interiors Designer
Unparalleled CAD application for both platforms (Linux and Windows). Smooth, fast and with abundance of tools and affordable.
Excellent workmanship.
Unprecedented drafting ability for Civil Engineers and Architects. Wast amount of knowledge and experience.

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By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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Neb Radojkovic from Cadesigneb
Neb Radojkovic