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Since 2006, I've helped thousands of small business owners net better results from their online marketing.

No more confusion and overwhelm, just a simple, easy to follow plan that actually works to get your business where it's growing.

Services include: Consulting, Training, Speaking.

As seen on CNN, CTV, Entrepreneur.com and more.

Our Ideal Customer

Business owners that are getting less than desirable results from their online marketing and are looking for a plan that actually works to achieve their business objectives.

Typically I work with organizations that have been successful offline for some time, and are now ready to get serious about succeeding online.

Our Team
Laurel Anne Stark from Laurel Anne Stark
Laurel Anne Stark
Online Marketing Consultant
Products & Services

WORKSHOP: Socializing Your Sales Funnel - Converting Friends & Followers to Paying Customers

In this entertaining and informative workshop, you'll learn exactly how to create an online sales funnel that automatically generates leads and sales - up to 22% more than you have now! --- Topics covered in this informative and entertaining workshop are: -The #1 Mistake Businesses Make...

CONSULTING: Build Your Online Marketing Strategy & Sales Funnel

Every buyer in today's society goes through both a physical and an emotional journey prior to purchase. This is called the buyer's journey. Creating an online process that facilitates moving your prospect through their buyer's journey and to your bank account is called an online sales...
Businesses We Recommend
Milica is the woman I trust when it comes to financial matters. I accept I am not an expert in these things and I'm better off with a professional who knows her way around a financial plan. Milica has tons of experience and a track record of providing incredible results for her clients. I have no hesitation recommending her!
Hawthorn Interiors provides some of the most incredible interior designs I've seen. They're Calgary's best, hands down. Choosing all the different elements of a home design can be intimidating and overwhelming, but their expert designers make it easy. You won't regret using Hawthorn Interiors!
They're the best!
Martin makes switching to a low cost provider super easy. I am with the CFIB and I thought I was getting the best rates, but I wasn't! Martin provides a personal level of service unheard of from the big providers. Better service, for less cost, it's a no brainer- Highly recommended!
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Laurel Anne Stark posted What My Dad's Style And Your Website Should Have In Common
6 months ago • 12 Likes • 6 Replies
Going to the mall as a young teen with my Dad was absolute torture. I'd ask him to give me a ride and drop me off at the doors - but he'd always insist on entering the building with me. I'd spend... (more)

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