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3D Architectural

Envision Land Designs & Development
Our design department provides clients with full working drawings, 3D renderings and virtual tours for residential and commercial buildings.

3D Land Planning

Envision Land Designs & Development
Our Land Planning services are phase one of our uniquely developed feasibility process. Our software allows importation of topography data by...

3D Site Modelling

Envision Land Designs & Development
Our Site Modelling services are the second phase of our feasibility and design process. By using photorealistic 3D technology we can swiftly...

3 Hour Sail

3 Hour Sail (2013) Ltd.
Experience life aboard a Tall Ship as we depart from Victoria's inner harbour, haul the sails and head into the Strait of Juan de Fuuca. (Salish Sea)

45 minute reading

Tarot Readings by Tegan
Tune-up into see how a particular situation or dynamic is making progress. Recommended for returning clients that are looking for an update with...

4 Month Personal Coaching

Love, Relationship and Dating Coach
This 4-month personal coaching program guides you through a process to: • Release hidden relationship patterns so that you can attract someone...

60 minute reading

Tarot Readings by Tegan
Ideal for those interested in energy movement, problem solving, in depth clarifications, manifesting higher consciousness and finding personal...

90 minute reading

Tarot Readings by Tegan
Recommended for more in-depth work beyond a general check in. This can be very helpful with expanding consciousness and overcoming limited beliefs

A Book To Live By Journal & Workbook

Progressive Edge Plus NLP Inc.
This Workbook / Journal is designed to help you Stay positively focused, work through obstacles or issues that arise in day-to-day living, and to...

Actor, Model & Performers

Linda Mackie Photography
If you're a budding, emerging or professional performer, you need branding and publicity portraits too!! You are your brand, so agents and casting...


Coastal Health Alliance
What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture refers to the practice of inserting tiny threadlike needles at key points on the bodym which are specific sites...

Acupuncture therapy

Ashi Acupuncture
Provide licensed acupuncture therapy for a variety of conditions

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