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“ Have you ever worked with someone and known that you would follow them no matter who they were matter the matter where? Tha... ”
Written Aug 14, 2017

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Doors Open at 6:15pm for seating. RSVP to 757-750-1555 Whether you been before or this is your first time, we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing course about money! From successful business owner to starter student, there's fantastic value here!!! We go to school for 16...

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Taylor Corporation
Provides photo ecommerce solutions for retailers across multiple channels including web, mobile and kiosk.

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Tim Jones from Eternal Works
Tim Jones from Eternal Works answered:
There are a ton of ideas that come to mind, but it really depends on who you are trying to target. Having your customer personas (kind of like ideal customer, but a bit more specific) outlined is key. I'd also need to know more about your gym model. Knowing this information will tell you how, when and where to reach them. My initial thought ... (more)

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Robert H. Ashburner, Jr. (Bobby), Virginia Beach VA
Robert Ashburner from Robert H. Ashburner, Jr. (Bobby) wrote:
The ideal people I enjoy working with are those who are determined to improve their life through homeownership and bettering their current payment on the home they already own through educating each individual about the best options available... (more)

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Tommie Crutcher from Exquisite Private Driver Service
Tommie Crutcher from Exquisite Private Driver Service
Virginia Beach VA • Transportation
We drive you in YOUR car! You pay for an affordable price for a personal private driver only when you need one. We drive you in your car because it is clean, comfortable, convenient, reliable and insured. We are professionals with excellent driving records and are fully licensed, professionally a...
Joined on Aug 15, 2017

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